January Plans Redux

We canceled the MLK Day trip to Big Sur due to the big winter storms that started blowing through that weekend. Having lived in the area for 20 years, we know better than to tempt landslides on Highway 1 in January. (Plus, cloudy gray days don't make for great boondocking with solar panels.)

We did take Rocksie out a few times this month: twice to our new San Jose RV repair place. Fabulous service--they worked for months and ended up getting our broken rear window replaced for free by Atwood. Yay! That's at least $1000 savings. We also driveway camped in a Bay Area friend's driveway one night so that we could attend a dinner party. Not a good plan to drive the 3+ hour drive home late at night.... So, we did sort of "camp" once this month. That makes last December the only month we didn't sleep in the RV since we bought it a year ago. Not too bad.

We've rescheduled our Big Sur trip for this month, after I get back from FL parental visit this week. (Groan... I have to fly there....)

An update for those inquiring minds ;-)

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  1. Thanks for the update. It's good to know all is well.