Day 2: A Bit Thwarted

Today sure didn’t start the way we intended. Only 2 hours of sleep last night, between the trains, trucks starting up in motel parking lot, and Nick. Yawn. But we got up and at ‘em early after we saw the news about all the roads to Lassen being closed by wildfires and went outside and experience the worst smoke yet. There’s just no wind and lots of fires. So, we decided to get out of Dodge (Chico and the Central Valley) as quickly as possible. We did make a stop at Redding to walk Nick across the really beautiful Sundial Bridge.

Here's the eerie smoke-filled light at 10 o'clock in the morning:

We also stopped at a Starbucks to check email. 30 minutes later, connected. Am declaring that the last thwarting of the day. The workers in that park are wearing masks and the newspeople say the air quality is “very unhealthy, approaching hazardous.” Must get Lisa and her asthsma to Oregon. Northward bound we go.

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