2014: Up into the Sierras Again--The Shaver Lake Labor Day Edition Trip Summary

Trip Summary

Total Miles: 389

Nights: 2

Camping Fees: $45/night

Best: Having our car plus the RV so we could join all the activities with (or without) Bago

Surprises: Well, a first anyway. For the first time in my entire life, I paddled from the front of any kind of boat. This particular one was a hard plastic sit atop kayak. I learned the hard way not to turn around to talk to the person in the back, as I promptly dumped both of us in icy cold lake on a blustery day. We couldn't right the boat, so we had to swim it in. Brrrr.

Worst: Labor Day holiday crowds at the most poorly run RV park ever, Ponderosa Trailer Park. (Of course, the state parks were full, so we were lucky to get this, um, "spot." Note to self: Never, ever stay anywhere called a "trailer park." You know better.....)

We were invited up with bunches of other gals to our friends' vacation home for Labor Day weekend. Because we were concerned with the hot temps (and not having a proper 30 amp plug for our A/C) and because their driveway was sloped, we snagged a spot at an RV park only 1.6 miles from our friends' house. That's the good news. The bad news is that the park folks said that they had a power problem and would have to squeeze us into another part of the park where the power was working. Inches from others, which wouldn't have been so bad if we weren't surrounded on one side by late-night partiers (till well after 2AM) and early morning boaters (5AM diesel engine idlers). Not much sleep was had, but for the most part, we were outta there each day early in the morning and not back till 11AM for our evening "naps." All in all a fun trip, but ain't never gonna stay at that RV park again.

A few highlights:

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