2014: Quartzsite--We Finally Made It! Trip Summary

January 2014
On our way down to the annual View/Navion Tech rally in Quartzsite (which I have managed to avoid for 5 years now), we had a CEL (check engine light) come on. Now, going to a Tech Rally, where all the engineer types are, is a good time to have a CEL. Because the light was on solid, not flashing, we knew it was OK to drive, so we carried on to Q after overnighting in Palm Desert (Sam's Family Spa--not a place I wish to return). Had a fun two days in Q, but that was quite enough (good Lord, the number of RVs has to bee seen to be believed. Look here.) then hotfooted it back (Q thru LA to Morro Bay, then Morro Bay to home) so that we could get the CEL addressed by Mercedes the DAY before our warranty expired. Good thing, too, as a glow plug needed to be replaced, and we've heard that this can be pricey.

Missed the Yuma detour to see Uncle Joe, though :-(  Happy to have scored some awesome Santa Maria BBQ this time, though. Must go back (if we could remember its name, doggone it)--it was off 101 along Highway 1 toward Morro Bay. Very nice young people running it. Found it via Yelp (but cannot find it again!).

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