Water/Waterfalls Spring 2012 Trip Summary

Spring 2012: To the National V/N Rally in Ohio (ostensibly)

Total miles: 9,600

Number of days: 50

Average camping fee: $26.37

Number of states: 19 states and Canada (including 5 new ones for the Navion)

Number of public parks: 17 (14 state parks, 1 federal, 2 city parks)

Favorite New Parks: Itasca State Park (must go back to this whole area), any of the North Dakota state parks, Wenatchee S.P., Larabee S.P. (aside from the very loud trains), Straits State Park. Gotta try to get into the Fruita campground near Capitol Reef sometime. Gorgeous place. West Branch State Park, OH.

RV Maintenance: Wasted a good part of a day and about $100 trying to get our intermittent key unlocking problem solved. It's still acting up on occasion a year later. 

Roadfood: That pork tenderloin in Pana AND Ohio. That smoked fish in Duluth. Pasties in the UP. Have to go back to Buffalo for beef weck sometime though. We keep hearing that Roadfood bit on Splendid Table and keep regretting that we didn't stop when we passed through Buffalo.

Trip Theme:  Water and waterfalls.

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