Alaska--By Sea Summer 2012

This post about our Alaskan cruise does not belong on our RV blog at all, but since Apple discontinued Mobile Me, I don't have a good place to post photos outside of Facebook, so I'm cheating. Big time.

In the meantime, I can say that this post relates to RV travel in that we INTEND to get there by RV, but need a long stretch of time where we aren't needed  in the Lower 48. And since it was a personal goal to reach 50 by 50 (50 states by age 50), we had to get to Alaska this summer to knock off #50. Yay!

So here is a small selection of our Alaskan photos--from the two gorgeous days we had (Tracy Arm glaciers, canoeing in Juneau to another glacier, and fishing in Ketchikan (Lisa) to seaplaning to see the bears (Julie) as well as the other 5 soggy and/or foggy days. The place is beautiful no matter what the weather.

Without further narration, I give you our Alaskan cruise on the Seven Seas Navigator (pictured here a few times):