Marvelous Michigan: Grand Rapids

Very spotty Internet, so quick notes:
Sunday we left Lansing too quickly. Forgot to drive by the State Capitol. Drats! Missed one. We need to count how many we've seen...

But we got to Grand Rapids and enjoyed our 9th presidential museum--Gerry Ford's. It had an Oval Office reproduction, which we always enjoy.

We got all nostalgic for moderate, principled politicians who do things that they believe in despite what it costs them at the voting booth. And for the bicentennial. Fun remembering that. And I had no idea how much I admired Betty Ford's political views. (always did admire her personal fortitude) And we got a kick out of the special exhibit on Ford friend Bob Hope, sponsored by the World Golf Village (where my folks live).

After a few errands and a kinda scary dog park visit, we headed north.

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