Photo Overview: CA to FL June 2011

Because this trip hasn't really been an "RV trip," I've not been very motivated to post. But, because I'm committed to at least keeping an online journal of our travels (God forbid for when I get the clearly hereditary dementia in our family!), here's a quick overview of our trip so far. I've managed to keep up with (see sidebar), too.

Day 1: Carmel Valley to new park in Kingman. No photos, but the new park wasn't worth the extra $10 per night. But, our old favorite Kingman place prints out emails that are blatant lies and puts them on the counter where you check in. I really don't like spending money on places that are anti-fact, hate-mongering, nut jobs. Seriously. I really can't stand spending my money in places like that.
Day 2: Kingman, AZ to Holbrook (of course) and on to Tucumcari.

We've stopped at this restaurant 4 or 5 times now. Sad to say, it wasn't that good this time, but we did appreciate the famous "doodle" behind the counter.


Stayed at a really cool, inexpensive, neon RV park on old Route 66. This was a site we saw on our night walk.
 Day 3: Through north Texas (with callouses caused by gripping the steering wheel!). Man, the weather stunk.

Day 4: To Mississippi and some semblance of "real" RV travel because we stayed in a national park

Day 5: To the Panhandle

We fit right in, once we backed in and hung our back end over the parking strip. (Right, Linda?)


Day 6-19: St. Augustine

The Fourth of July parade in my parents' "retirement community." It was a hoot.

My parents' most excellent neighbors were one of the many classic cars in the parade:

A darling grandchild of somebody's:

There was a golf cart decorating contest, naturally:

A smooth-coated collie from the south of Scotland:

Lisa checking out the EMTs, for once in a calm manner....
 (We've met these guys at least 5 times under less fun circumstances.)

Day 20: Who knew that there was only about a 25-mile difference between the I-10 and I-40 routes home? We are hoping to hit a few new spots on the way home, even though we'll be in a bit of a hurry....


  1. You done good, girl. Great parking at the restaurant. :)

    I've probably said this a million times already but if you find yourself ready for an overnight just east of Oklahoma City on I-40, the Firelake Grand Casino has free hook-ups by a creek.

  2. Thanks, Linda. I don't recall this tip (but then again, that's not saying anything--my memory always feels shot after spending time with my mom!), but we will definitely check it out. Love "free" and "casino" and right off I-40. Triple play!