Testing from Texas

On this, our third long driving day, we are (well, I am) finding that there's just not time nor inclination to get out and set up the laptop in order to blog. I find myself posting funny tidbits to Facebook because I can use my iPhone easily from the passenger's seat. I just had a V8 moment: "there must be an app for mobile blogging!" Of course there is....

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Location:Interstate 20 Frontage Rd,Terrell,United States


  1. Good to see you back out here again. Here's my imaginary wave.

  2. Hi Linda! We were waving to you today, too, because we found a really cool beachfront restaurant with tricky parking and I thought of your good advice--back in and use the overhang. We even took a pic for you but are having trouble with laptop connection....

  3. Cool! I love finding people using some of our tricks and tips.