Hiatus Ends!

We will be hitting the road shortly for a summer family tour. So glad a friend of ours will be minding our house--it pays to have a fog-free location when others are socked in all summer....

We've sanitized the water lines and HWH; cleaned the skylights and solar panels; scrubbed, dusted, and vacuumed everything (including the A/C filter and ducts); tightened screws; filled the tires; and held the mail. All annual maintenance done earlier this year. What are we missing?
All that we see left to do is stock 'er up and, somewhere along the road, find a truck wash, propane refill, and do an oil check. Poor gal sat the longest she's ever sat :-( But we'll go put 7-8k on her and she'll be back to being happy.

Tentative easterly route (pending weather and smoke from wildfires): I-40 to our favorite spot, Hot Springs, AR, then cutting south to Mobile and over to St. Augustine and Julie's parents. Gotta make miles to arrive in 6 days (to accompany Dad on a surgical procedure), but perhaps we can squeeze in a dip in the hot springs....

Returning a more northerly route to allow us to visit Lisa's parents, Julie's 4-month-old great-great niece, and perhaps our Colorado friends (westward via I-70 to US 50 to I-80 and home). Can we squeeze in a corner of Nebraska so that we can fill in a "hole" on Rocksie's US map? To be determined.

It's all dependent on the weather and timing. Just discovered a great web site to monitor the pervasive smoke from so many wildfires in AZ, NM, TX, GA (thanks to Linda Sand for reminding me to check this!): US Air Quality: The Smog Blog. We hope the tornadoes are done for the season, and let's not have any hurricanes, shall we?

Even though we're shaking our heads at the folly of traveling during "record-breaking heat" and "oppressive air quality," we're still eager to hit the road. Off we go soon!

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