Trip Summary: Winter 2011

Total miles: 1,450

Number of days: 11

Average mpg: 15.07

Average camping fee: $35.57 (darn California budget crisis for raising the camping fees!). Our highest average ever.

Number of states: 2 (Arizona for 1 night; not keen on spending money there....)

Number of public parks: 6 (only 1 commercial night)

Weight loss: 6 pounds for JC, 4 pounds for LC (since this was a "camp and cleanse" trip!)

Miles hiked: About 20

Spectacular CA Drives: Highway 1, of course (we all know that), but also CA 33.

Favorite CA State Park: Toss up between Anza Borrego and Morro Bay (for different reasons).

Most surprising: Smell of the Salton Sea (along with the profusion of fish carcasses), or was it the very odd "city" of Felicity, CA?

RV Maintenance: Nothing to speak of, except getting our dinette seatbelt recall handled on Day 1 of the trip. She's running great, as well she should after (a) 6 new tires, (b) transmission fluid change/oil change/fuel filter change/brake fluid change, and (c) all kinds of house maintenance (seals, appliance tune ups, and a wash-and-wax that had people complimenting Rocksie on her good looks).

Roadfood: None. See weight loss above.

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