Eastern Shore of MD and VA

A quick post, as I discovered that my moment of guilty pleasure (downloading the Halloween episode of Glee) ate up most of our month's data allotment on AT&T. Yikes! Need that data for bill paying and blogging. Guess we'll be more vigilant about seeking out wifi after tonight--probably our last night in a state/national park CG.

Left DC after morning rush hour--no problem on the Beltway--and headed for rural Maryland. Found a Roadfood restaurant that we set our course on, only to discover that it was closed on Mondays. Happily, I found a place using Yelp that sounded VERY Roadfood-y and we had the most amazing lunch at Crabs to Go, a seafood market that will also make your lunch from scratch to carry out. We split a seafood platter and a "crab fluff," which we thought would be a little crabcake dipped in tempura batter. Well, it was a bit bigger than that. Our lunch also provided dinner!

This whole eat out fun lunch (but eat in healthy breakfast and dinner) is a nice plan....

We then set our course for the coast, dipping into Delaware a bit (lots of Christine O'Donnell signs) just so we could put a sticker on the map.

We arrived in early afternoon at Assateague Island National Seashore, home to the wild ponies.

After posting one pony picture on Facebook, I discovered that this place is on so many people's bucket list. We are so grateful to have experienced it.

We took walks the afternoon we arrived and the next morning, covering the dunes habitat, the forest habitat, and the marsh habitat. (See the clams growing at the base of the marsh grass? Made us hungry....)

On foot, we never ran into the ponies (thank goodness, because we were warned with quite graphic pictures that they bite), but evidence of them is just everywhere.

We even found fresh piles in the morning around our RV. I thought I heard something in the night....

We then headed south to Virginia, stopping at a recently reviewed Roadfood place (we heard it on an October Splendid Table podcast) on the skinny little piece of Virginia that's surrounded by water. An amazing find. Handmade signs line the highway.

Everything is cooked to order and delicious. I had a crabcake sandwich for $5 and Lisa had the oysters (out of this world) and shrimp platter for a big $12. So fresh and sweet. Another take-out place, but since we travel with our table...no problem.

We then arrived at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach and had the delightful surprise of meeting some fellow (former) View/Navion owners and fellow blog followers, Linda and Dave in their new, bigger ride:

Such a small world. Gotta love it. And here's D&L's much better blog post about the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.

Since I'm still fighting my head cold and the big-time sleepies from running the propane furnace last night boondocking (low: 37!), it's an early evening. But, there's BBQ on the menu tomorrow....

The morning dawned (sort of) but we headed out for our beach walk on a very gloomy day. But as we walked about 2 miles along the beach, we were accompanied off-shore by a pod of dolphins. Quite a lovely experience, really, to be kept pace by such graceful creatures.

Then, as we were leaving the beach, Lisa discovered a nice driftwood sculpture:

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