Safe Harbor in Memphis (UPDATED)

How lucky are we? We arrived in Memphis yesterday afternoon, before rush hour, and before the severe weather: high winds, thunderstorms, and tornado alerts. The trifecta! And we are happily ensconced in a beautiful brick home with family. Off to play tourist in the weather....

UPDATE: Here are a few photos of the fun we had this time.

The "formal" living room (as opposed to the "casual" Jungle Room, which was too dark to photograph least for me. No flash allowed in Graceland.):

The surreal basement pool room:

Walls and walls and walls full of hit records. Can't believe Elvis only ever had one Grammy.

In the "meditation garden"--

One of Elvis's two planes, which we got to tour. 211 trips flown in this puppy.
One of the plane's two gold-plated sinks.
We also had fun at the Williams Sonoma OUTLET (who was a very happy girl shopping for 30-50% off cooking items right before Thanksgiving?!?) and a most wonderful cupcake shop, started by a recent grad from Dana's daughter's high school.

There was only time for a quick game of Hearts (to 50), but I'm happy to report that I finally won a game. So great to see all of the Buford family, including oh-so-cute Scout, who made us want a puppy very badly.

On the list for next visit: R&B spots, like Sun Records, and perhaps more BBQ....

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  1. Trusting you are safe and protected today, I see the weather is still doing it's thing in that part of the country. Have fun in Memphis. I am just catching up with your stories.