On the Road from Memphis to DC

From Memphis, we hightailed it to DC, with two memorable stops.

Swett's cafeteria in Nashville. Oh my. The squash casserole really WAS worth a detour. However, the Lorman, MS, fried chicken still stands as the best. (This was tasty, though.)

You know you're in the South when you see bumper stickers like this:

And President Woodrow Wilson's Presidential Library in Staunton, Virginia, where we saw a yard sign that I should have co-opted for the rally. It's now my desktop wallpaper, lest I forget....

A favorite political cartoon:

Some early 20th century hyperbolic propaganda, aimed at convincing men from the South not to support women's suffrage. Read this and consider the parallels with some of the overblown rhetoric (from both left and right) on the cable TV channels. Fear-mongering is fear-mongering, no matter what the era or topic, and it just is harmful. (Nothing can be gained and everything may be lost by allowing women to vote??!?)

And here's Wilson's beloved car, which he enjoyed driving after his presidency. The car fell into terrible disrepair over the years and when folks wanted to restore it, they found the side lanterns on eBay in 2006 (!). Love that story.

And the orange on the tires is a nod to Wilson's New Jersey alma mater.

An aside: Because it wasn't an RV trip, we didn't mention here that we scored two more presidential libraries this past summer on a car trip to LA: Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon. Very interesting places in large part due to the fact that both were staffed with volunteers who were personal friends. Gave the places a very distinct atmosphere, to say the least. Here's one fun photo from Reagan's library, just to show we were there!

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