The Next U.S. Sojourn

We've been tending to Rocksie's maintenance--sanitizing the water tanks, cleaning the solar panels, checking the appliances, replacing alarm batteries (it's that time of year to do it in your house, too, hint, hint), cleaning, stocking up, etc., etc., etc., because we are hitting the road in a few days.

Highlights of this year's fabulous fall odyssey:

A dash to the East Coast, with a rest and recreation stop with Lisa's sister's family in Memphis, before we meet up with a slew of college friends to attend

Then southward through Raleigh and Charleston and down to Orlando to visit
before we spend a week with my parents in St. Augustine. Then, it's north through Atlanta, Chattanooga, and
Mammoth Cave National Park 001
By Beatrice M ([see page for license], via Wikimedia Commons

Northward for an Indy visit with Lisa's parents before we move on to a big Cason Thanksgiving (at least a dozen of us) in central Illinois.

And then it's (yikes) time for my 30th high school reunion!
If time allows, we'll make a cousin stop in St. Louis, but then we've then got to make the mad dash back across the country (please think warm thoughts so that the weather cooperates) to get home a day or two before my cooking class starts.

Only about 7000 miles in 6 weeks. Shoot, we've done that before. We expect to be able to make more miles this trip without (sniff) Nick....

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