Makin' Miles (and Some Smiles)

Three days into our adventure we find ourselves on the eastern side of OKC, perfectly positioned for an early AM departure to miss rush hour. We have traveled about 1580 miles in 3 days--not my brother's clip (he's a professional driver who regularly can do 900+!), but much more than we typically like to do in a day. And we've still managed to have some fun--mostly by way of entertaining Podcasts and delicious one-hour breaks from the road at lunch time. (Joe & Aggie's again in Holbrook, AZ,
and a new dive in Amarillo today on a very cute artsy section of old Route 66.)

We are very much looking forward to getting off the road tomorrow afternoon in Memphis at Lisa's sister's beautiful home. I've even put in a request for a Graceland visit, since I resisted it during our last visit ;-) So, yay for upcoming tourist fun. As we pass favorite places (ABQ!) and new ones (so many cool state parks), we keep reminding ourselves of our current cool itinerary and its demand that we get ourselves across country PDQ. We can always come back to explore Roman Nose State Park and revisit Palo Duro Canyon and the very cool shops on 6th street in Amarillo....

No photos--yet. The gorgeous hot-pink sunrise this morning in Albuquerque (with full moon at our backs) just didn't come out on the iPhone as we were driving. Soon, I'll have full use of the real camera!

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  1. Whoa, those are some seriously long days! But, I suspected that was coming when I read your plan. I'm so glad to hear you are still having fun with it, though.