A Non-RV Adventure: AFRICA!

Some of you know that we are soon to be off on a once-in-a-lifetime sojourn to South Africa (with a few days at Victoria Falls/Zimbabwe and a few in Chobe/Botswana). Because Rocksie can't come with us, we shan't be blogging here. We hope to be able to post a photo a day on Facebook (wifi connections willing), but our group has a blog here.

The name, BTW, is a little something I came up with to name our group, which was initially a group of 8 folks from all over Northern California (wine country) who wanted to go on safari (the rhino part). Here's our group's logo, which we've all put on various articles of clothing, luggage tags, and traveling cards to give out:


  1. Love the name of that blog! I'll be following you there, too. I hope that's not bad news. :)

  2. Follow away! Being the editorial head honcho that I am (well, once was), I'm not sure if I can contribute to a blog I can't edit ;-) But maybe I'll have a glass of wine and chill out about that.... Once an editor, always an editor, though.

  3. Hello! You know, I once thought I could only blog about our RV travels but discovered that my friends and family love it when I put everything in there. Maybe you could tell some great stories about your Africa trip here? Safe travels to both of you. I will be following.