Resuming the Westward Migration: Hot Springs to Texarkana to North TX

At a Walmart on the Way
One of the most effective fundraising techniques ever, I bet. The SWAT team guy on the roof used his bullhorn to "persuade" shoppers to donate to Special Olympics. Boy, howdy, WE did ;-)

Easter Weekend in Hot Springs
The gorgeous architecture and spring blossoms along Bathhouse Row

Lisa geocaching downtown. Couldn't find this microcache that was supposed to be right by this hot spring fountain. Too many muggles around....

Since I'm working on what's next for me, I couldn't resist putting $1 into Zoltar. He told me the time is now.
Hiked 2.5 miles one day and over 3 miles the next, up 1000' mountain. We haven't been working out much, so that got us back in the saddle. Here's Lisa atop Goat Rock.
Just tons of wildflowers blooming in the park, mostly pinks and purples (not the oranges, reds, and yellows in Texas).

Crater of Diamonds State Park
Starting the westward trek, we stopped at this park for an hour or two. The only public diamond mine in the world--37.5 acres available for diamond mining for $7 admission and beaucoup bucks to rent equipment. Apparently, the extinct volcanic crater has diamond-bearing material that is 7 miles deep, so it's not going to run "dry" any time soon.

Most folks look the same way as folks in Vegas look--grim-faced, persistent, slot-machine lever pullers are replaced in this case by the same kinda folks with a shovel and wheelbarrow. Hope springs eternal, but it doesn't look like much fun.

Lisa had much more patience and persistence than I did, which is, of course, no surprise.

We even parked next to a rental RV from, of all places, my hometown of Mattoon, IL.

Atlanta State Park, Texas
Gorgeous lakeside sunset in the Piney Woods of East Texas, where wisteria just drips from 40-foot-tall pine trees.

Ray Roberts Lake State Park, near Denton, TX
Another gorgeous lakeside sunset, this time in North Texas, where the 25-40 mph winds are a bit creepy....

Heading into West Texas and the desert again.

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