In Cell Phone Hell....

No AT&T reliably for days now. Cheating now (and will probably get in trouble for using "off network") to post quick update that all is well. We made our way across Panhandle, up to NM state park, and across almost all of southern Colorado (who knew everything was still closed?!) till we landed at a very nice Indian casino with a brand-new RV park. Staying here 2 nights as we are all a bit tired and cranky from daily travel and all those beautiful, but very rustic, state parks. Reformulating going home plans now.....


  1. We're just west of Grand Junction, CO, which at 4 1/2 hours away is not quite close enough once again to meet. We need to plan better than this. :)

  2. Hi Linda! You're in pretty country out there. I even have cousins in Grand Junction but our plans call for heading south to ABQ for oil change at the good Freightliner place then home. Where are you two off to?