Hot Springs, Arkansas--One More Time!

We reached Hot Springs today via Route 7--a dotted scenic trail through southern Arkansas that was quite lovely

and a bit challenging.

But so much better to ride scenically through the back country than be a jerk and drive too slowly on crowded, fast-moving freeways. (And yes, I found national studies supporting my claim that driving too fast AND too slowly for conditions causes accidents.)

That last paragraph indicates that I need to stop interacting with people online (Facebook, Yahoo, et al) who I allow to perturb me. The editor in me gets so irked with unsubstantiated assertions that contradict easily findable facts.... Especially when said with such certitude (arrogance?). Argh. Time to figure out how to stop letting that get to me.

So, I am unplugging (I've unsubscribed to the lists that are bugging me) after tonight. No more blog for a while, no more Facebook, no more View/Navion list chatter. Just a Hot Springs bath/massage/pedicure tomorrow morning and lots of hiking this weekend.

We plan to stay here till Monday then state-park our way across Texas and the panhandle. Then head north to Great Sand Dunes NP (weather permitting) and Pagosa Springs, then down to revisit favorite spots in NM with another oil change in ABQ. Home by end of 3rd week in April, we think.

In the meantime:

Drive Friendly

Life Is Good.


  1. We plan to go to Hot Springs in May. Do you know the clearance under that railroad bridge? Our new motorhome is taller than your Navion.

  2. 12' 10" I think--there were early warning signs. Route 7 just north of Camden, if we recall correctly. Easy stretch to avoid. Lots to do here--you will like it!

  3. Thought you ladies might like to know: at the Brewers' home opener, the Polish won the Sausage Race. Big News!

  4. Bravo for disconnecting ... but please keep notes for posting later. You are my travel guru! Tip for dealing with impudent know-it-alls: Imagine them sitting in front of their computers eating chocolate ice cream that's smeared all over their faces and dripping on their keyboards. :) I wanted to say just imagine them naked, but that sounds like, well, something else.