Burque, Duke City, ABQ

A most lovely day playing tourist in what feels like our second home, Albuquerque. Spent the morning at the Balloon Museum, which had a ton of really fun interactive exhibits.
We built a balloon,
wove a basket to go under a balloon, flew a balloon via simulator,

and used a flight simulator.
You do not want to ride in a plane with either of us. Crash, crash, crash. But Lisa got almost a perfect score on the balloon simulator, for your future reference. They also had a great gift shop where we could pick up a few goodies for those who are being so kind in watching our house ;-)

Then it was off to the Nob Hill neighborhood, which I'd read was the hip place for restaurants and locally owned shops. Had a scrumptious lunch at a surprisingly delightful brasserie. Lisa had a trout/artichoke dish and I had the most wonderful cassoulet. Then we strolled the shops and found a few must-have items for the house, including one thing that I have been regretting not getting last October in Durango, CO. (It was even unavailable via the internet!) Lo and behold, I found it on Route 66, aka Central Avenue, on Nob Hill.

Then we toodled back up the road toward Bernalillo, stopping at the Gruet winery. We had heard a Splendid Table podcast about their unusually good sparkling wines, so we had to stop. (We have a May celebration to buy this for ;-)

Turns out the sparklers weren't as good as the Chardonnay and Pinot Noirs that they use to make the sparkling wine. So, we purchased a few of those, including some to give as gifts back home.


  1. I want to build a balloon! Is this available every day? We'll be passing through ABQ in a few days and this would so be worth a stop there!

  2. Yup, every day! It's definitely a neat museum. We also enjoyed visiting Coronado State Monument, which was right by the Bernalillo KOA we like. Coronado also had lots of Class As camping there. Very peaceful spot. Have fun! Oh and the Gathering of Nations will be here April 22-24. That would really be worth seeing! It's at UNM stadium and is, apparently, world famous.