Tombstone and Bisbee

What a great little corner of the world. Beautiful scenery, interesting architecture, colorful history--can't ask for more. We visited Tombstone in the morning today and checked into our RV park at noon in Bisbee--it was hellaciously windy today so we wanted to be off the road. Turns out we could walk to everything, so we had fun poking around the museum and shops all afternoon. Found a yummy Mexican lunch spot. I had corn tacos filled with citrus-ancho-marinated pork tenderloin, and Lisa had grilled shrimp in an avocado sauce. We decided to splurge a bit since we are heading into boondock land for the next week.

Update on Nick--he is loving his bland diet and seems to be feeling OK (he is playing), but now we've swung to the other extreme--nothing. It was Lisa's "on duty" night last night and she was up with him at 1:45 (a little something) and 5:30AM (nothing). We've had him out a bunch today, but nothing else in the productive department. A new worry. Appreciate any advice from other dog owners. We know he hates the whole desert vibe, so we're going to a forested CG in NM tomorrow just for him (!).

We couldn't get Mine Tour tix for today, so we're on deck for the 9AM tour tomorrow and then we'll head out to New Mexico, where we hope things aren't so crowded as they are in Arizona.

Here are the photos du jour:



The Copper Queen Hotel--this was quite a city back in the day. Around 1900, 20,000 people and quite the lovely buildings.

View of town from our campsite

(and the B on the mountain lights up at night)

The mine we're going in tomorrow--


  1. Hey Guys, Make sure to stop by Shady Dell while you're in Bisbee, quite a treat, and Dot's Diner is also pretty cool.

    We're at the Bosque, not your favorite spot, I know, but is there a chance you'll stop by to see us? The pizza at the Socorro Brewing Company is outstanding!


  2. Poor Nick! My vet suggested (years ago) to use psyllium, Metamucil, (half a teaspoon, twice a day, mixed in his food) and lots of walking. And, if that didn't work after a few days (and if the stool he is producing is hard), mineral oil, 2 teaspoons twice a day, for only a few days. He also needs lots of water. We're dealing with the other right now because we ran out of their food and had to switch for a few weeks while we awaited delivery of their food (Wysong, very hard to find on the road). My one dog was constipated for two days, then swung into diarrhea. Ahhh. Life on the road. Envious of your time in Bisbee. I love it there. Just love it. (We were there when no one else was ... so it's hard to imagine it crowded.) The arts community is very active.