Roadfood Opening Party

Just so we can remember the details, here's the "official" description of the event we attended last night, with [comments].

The New Orleans Roadfood Festival kicks off with a true Roadfood party featuring the best barbecue from Alabama [pretty good], Camp Washington Cincinnati chili [out of this world good--allspice and chocolate with onions, cheese, beans, spaghetti], cracklin's from Cajun country [unfortunately not hot], all the shrimp [and crawfish] and oysters you can eat [yum!], an open bar [bad idea], KJoe's celebrated Creole bread pudding [with bananas foster on top!], and pralines made on the spot [oy, too sweet!].

They neglected to list the pies from Royers Round Top Cafe--out of this world pecan, chocolate chip, and buttermilk. Not too sweet--just right. And available for mail order. These go on our list for that Roadfood party we want to have this year....

It all takes place in a French Quarter setting outsiders rarely get to experience: the historic Boucvalt House, a three-story Greek Revival home built in 1841, now meticulously restored to antebellum grandeur.

Next to the food, the best part was the people--such a convivial group from all over the U.S. Fellow travelers, open to new experiences off the beaten path. Our kinda folks.

Forgot my good camera and the courtyard setting was a bit too dark for the iPhone, but here are the photos anyway:

Rouse's ran out of plates, but the box worked just great for the crawfish and shrimp boil, complete with potatoes, sausage, and corn.

Jane and Michael Stern, the hosts and founders of (and authors of the Roadfood column in Gourmet magazine till it folded this year--30 years).

This is the "official cake"--yes, they sliced and served it at the end of the evening. Unbelievable!

We ended up strolling the Quarter afterwards, finding our way to Cafe du Monde for some cafe au lait. (The Tums didn't come till about 3AM....)

Having a slow morning today, resting up to hit the streets again this afternoon with Lisa's sister and her husband. Moderation, moderation, moderation....

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