Morgan City, Natchez, Vicksburg, and More Bayou

Haven't had the inclination nor bandwidth for an update since Sunday, but thought we better say something soon ;-)

So, here's a bare-bones catch-up post, with photos to be posted when we get a better connection.

Monday: NOLA to Houma for shopping and errands. What a great Rouse's (Louisiana small grocery chain) we found. Tons of local yummies to stock the fridge with. Wished we could've fit all the great chopped frozen veggies (gumbo mixes, etc.) in our freezer, but we did buy some boudin, smoked turkey sausage, and spices. We also stopped at a "Louisiana Culinary Trail"-recommended lunch place-- A-Bear's -- for catfish, shrimp, red beans and rice. Chatted with the waitress throughout the entire meal. This isn't the first time that's happened in Lousiana. Wish I could capture that accent; it's so wonderful.

Then on to Morgan City for birthday dinner with family for Amy's bday.

Lake End Park--a very great RV park near their house

Tuesday: Laundry (and an unfortunate kerfuffle with the CVS over refilling Lisa's Rx. Boy, would electronic health records help travelers) and then we hit the road for Mississippi.

Took forever to get to Natchez--and we had intended to make it close to Vicksburg--so we pulled off and stayed at a really great little state park--Natchez SP.

Wednesday: Got to remove a tick from Lisa in the morning--a souvenir from the really great little state park. Have to remember not to pull THAT baggie out of the freezer.... Headed up to Vicksburg, past Port Gibson's great little churches that we saw last summer, and past Lorman with its worlds' best fried chicken, and into Vicksburg Military Park, which we missed last year. Wow. A pretty amazing story and grounds. We got glazed over pretty quickly with the THOUSANDS of monuments, but were pretty moved by the scenery and ruggedness of the terrain. More than 20,000 soldiers from both sides died during this epic seige, which restored Grant's reputation and helped turn the tide of the war in 1863.

My favorite monument--to the African American soldiers who joined the Union side. The symbolism is moving; this statue represents looking to a future with freedom earned by taking up arms, remembering the slave past, with support for all. So sad that it took another 100 years past Emancipation for the Civil Rights Act and then many years and struggles since then....

Made it to northern Louisiana and another great little state park (Bayou D'Arbonne Lake), where we thoroughly enjoyed a "parting gift" from Donald--seasoned deer and wild hog burgers, expertly grilled by Lisa.

And do check out the meat market's motto. (Double-clicking on the photo ought to show it larger.)

We are now officially headed westward, towards home....

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