A Day in the Quarter

French Quarter RV Resort
Our RV park, day and night (um, yes, it's convenient to the freeway)

The young gals run out to meet you when you first check in. Good security, too.Pool, hot tub, exercise room, laundry, bathrooms and showers

The next-door new visitor center--gorgeous renovation (since Katrina)
St. Louis Cemetery No. 1
A visit to the oldest cemetery in NOLA, which is right by our RV park (quiet neighbors on at least ONE side)

Supposedly the newest crypt in the graveyard--for Nicholas Cage

Marie Levaux, voodoo priestess' crypt. Mark 3 Xs, knock 3 times, turn around 3 times....
Fun in the Quarter
The actual Roadfood festival. (We couldn't make ourselves go to the World's Longest Oyster Po-Boy in the morning....)

We munched our way down Royal Street, sampling Uggi Shrimp, meat pies from Natchitoches, brisket from Taylor Texas, and Amy tried some of the pie we had had last night. All around tasty.

Donald steered us into an antique store, the likes of which I have never seen. There were precious antiques from France and England, 200 years old. $50,000 chairs, an unbelievably ornate 10'+ tall grandfather clock for $1.2 million, etc., etc. And some of the most gorgeous jewelry (pink and yellow diamonds, cultured pearls the size of pearl onions, and more!) that puts Tiffany's on 5th Avenue to shame. A ton of fun.

We also introduced Don and Amy to geocaching, locating a tiny cache on Dauphine Street.

And Lisa tried another first--she ordered and drank most of (Don helped) a real absinthe cocktail. Here's the time lapse....

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  1. Hey... you should have kept the camera rolling and we could see how Lisa walked away from the bar. Cheers to the thought provoking (Artemisia Absinthium) The Green Fairy - Woormwood