Back to the Bayou

Can skin have whiplash? Over the last few days we've gone from Big Bend (10% humidity and severe fire danger) to green Hill Country (70% and wildflowers starting) to Louisiana (100% humidity and severe thunderstorms). Wow! What a difference a few days make.

We detoured through Austin yesterday to have coffee with our college friend, John. That almost didn't happen because we agreed to meet at the Central Market near his house (where we shopped last year when we visited). Too bad I didn't remember which Central Market was near his house. Turns out he was at the North Lamar location and we were at the South Lamar location. Thank goodness he was willing to trek south ;-)

Then we had a slog of a drive through Houston (hideous traffic) in drizzly rain and dark skies all day till we crossed over into Louisiana. Given the storm forecast, we forewent (?) the TX state park and returned to a friendly, tidy RV Park in Westlake, LA (see November 2009 post). Having a concrete pad in the rain helps alot with the dog paws. Doing a bit of laundry this morning, as the puddles start to dry and the birds sing.

The best part of the morning was finding the Lafayette NPR station. Before 7AM and Morning Edition, they play local Cajun music and speak in French. Love it. Think we'll detour into Lafayette today to do some sightseeing on our way to a state park near Hammond, LA before we hit NOLA tomorrow.

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