January Travel Plans

Well, we decided to opt out of the Quartzite trip after all. Just can't get excited about the destination and our travel plans are shaping up for the spring. So, we've decided to FINALLY head south on Highway 1 (yes, we live here and have owned the Navion for almost a whole year now and haven't been down there in her yet) and camp at Kirk Creek Campground, a National Forest Service site right on the ocean. We are having excellent weather right now (high 60s), but who knows what it'll be like in 2 weeks. Boondocking in January--bring it on!

Looks like the big spring, off-season trip will start in early March: 2 Cubs games in Phoenix with our best friend from Chicago on the way to Roadfood Festival and Lisa's sister's bday in New Orleans. Parental visit and who knows what route back to the West Coast by early May.


  1. Kirk Creek Campground sounds like a much more inviting place than Quartzsite. I think the main thing Q has going for it is the people who gather there but when you don't already have a good group it's hard to get excited about the place. We have friends already there so we think we are going but we are stuck in Houston right now. Stay tuned for further details. :)

  2. I'm hoping the lack of details about your January trip means it got rained out rather than something worse.