Debating Quartzite....

Tempted to go to the big RV show (and V/N tech rally) at Quartzite, AZ in mid-January. Eager to learn more and maybe get a few products for the RV (an awning for the dining room window, for example, and perhaps help installing single-handle faucets), but not eager for the desert experience of Quartzite. Hmmm. Maybe we can add some southern CA sites to lure us on a 2-week trip? California camping is not actually our favorite--state parks (even cruddy ones) are $50/night now and CA weather in January will likely be stormy (El Nino year). Hmmm. Thoughts?

A possible route:

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  1. I want to go just for the experience of being there. We're thinking of turning our noses that way ... just for a couple of nights. Two years ago, we blew by on the highway and just eyeballed the gazillion rigs there. Then, a few weeks back, we watched a movie called "Into the Wild." MUST SEE MOVIE. Parts of it took place in Quartzite.