We {Heart} Roswell, but Hate AT&T!

Short post to let y'all know that we have been having a blast.

--Loved the Caverns and took the scary Natural Entrance in. Adored Brantley Lake SP.
--Loved Roswell (again). Can't wait to share the photos.
--Explored Billy the Kid Scenic Byway, including Lincoln.
--Must go back to Ruidoso when it's warmer.
--Overnighting tonight at Oliver Lee SP. Got the last spot.

We are now thinking we might abandon the SW NM touring for another day (we WILL be back--love this state) and head home in time for Thanksgiving. Lots of snowbirds and the upcoming holiday week have us worried about our strategy of no reservations. Plus, we love the high desert, but all 3 of us have sort of had our fill of rocks.

Now, AT&T is another matter. They asked us not to use the iPhone when we are "off network" and we have been "off network" for a week. So, I'm using the laptop on roaming mode to make this quick post and check email. I need to have a long chat with them about prohibiting me from using my phone, which we need for family updates, checking weather, mapping, email, locating a laundromat and grocery store, geocaching, etc., etc., etc.

Lots of photos to post...at some point when AT&T won't threaten me. We may wake up tomorrow and feel OK about staying in NM this week (Silver City, Deming, et al), or we may hotfoot it west. We'll see. I have to admit to pining for my own washing machine.

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  1. Sprint recenly dumped us for roaming too much while using our aircard. We live fulltime in our RV so, of course, we do a lot of roaming. We now have a Verizon aircard which we hope will cover more of the territory we do. We use our iPhone as a GPS when traveling but not for email, etc. So far, so good with AT&T. Let's hope it stays that way.