Talked to tire guy. Made a 9AM appt. for Tuesday.

Laundry? Done.

Coach cleaning? Done.

Bills paid? Yup.

Budget reconciled and analyzed? Yes. Good news on that front in most categories ;-)

RV gadgets installed? Yes. (We are in an RV park right next to Camping World. Bought a toothbrush holder and shampoo dispenser. Yes, we are 250% over budget in the RV doodads department ;-)

Gonna go find a Roadfood destination, the Apple Store (busted cable), and a Trader Joe's! Woo hoo. Then we'll be REALLY ready to leave ABQ tomorrow.

Had lunch at the Route 66 Diner, per recommendation. Meh. Only so-so. Lisa's milkshake paled in comparison to the Model Pharmacy shake. My "Pile Up" (see photo) was pretty good--at least it made 3 meals: lunch and then Lisa and I split the leftovers (with fresh eggs on top) for dinner another night. The decor was, however, really cool--very mid-century hip--which made up a little for what the food lacked.

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