Found a great new overnight spot in Bakersfield last night: A Country RV. Easy on/off freeway, immaculate grounds, and pristine showers (for Lisa). Nick enjoyed having an enclosed dog run to play in after 2, 10-hour driving days. Poor guy. But he sure knew when we were getting within 10 miles of home today ;-) He snapped out of his passenger coma and got down off his dinette perch when we started down Carmel Valley Road.

We are all happy to be home. Our 1800 square foot house feels ENORMOUS (and needs cleaning!), but wonderful. We got all unpacked and have even started playing with where to hang/put the neat art we got along our trip. Danger, though. Martha the New Mexican cow skull can NOT sit on the floor of the back deck with our cactus collection. She must, unfortunately, hang HIGH up on a wall somewhere. Nick thinks she's a giant chew toy. Seriously. So, now we know the skull is a REAL skull at least....

Will do a wrap up post in the next few days. First, laundry, cleaning, and COOKING with real pots and pans.

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  1. Welcome home!

    BTW, here's a tip: I always, ALWAYS hire someone (a neighbor, a friend) to come into my house to clean it BEFORE we return. It's an enormous treat.