Abiquiu/Ghost Ranch

***Posting of photos delayed: AT&T smacked us on the hand again for pushing too much data through a roaming network. Maybe Taos will have AT&T network and we can post Sunday. All is well.****

Tires are on and working beautifully--can't believe we haven't been able to post since Monday, and here it is Friday.

We have been pretty far off the grid here in northern New Mexico--haven't had enough bandwidth till today to upload anything. Just barely enough short little bursts of juice to use my iPhone for email, and that's about it. Ah, well. I have been using the camera a lot, since it is spectacularly gorgeous here. We've stayed Tues-Wed PM at Abiquiu Dam, a closed-for-the-season (i.e., no water, no ranger but gate open) campground we shared with, we think, a coyote. Then we stayed Thurs. PM at Echo Amphitheater, a national forest site. Today, we moved a bit up the road. What a great trip: we haven't had to fill the tank every day.

I'll post more tomorrow, when Lisa is off getting a massage and soaking in the hot springs. It's my turn today, so I'm fixin' to walk from our RV spot over to the Oso Caliente Historic Hot Springs for some soaking and moisturizing (a mini-facial and hot oil treatment for my poor, dry hair). Cannot wait.

And check this out: the place has a restaurant and wine bar. For $20/night, we're staying at least 2 ;-), especially since we've been boondocking all week, mostly for free.

Here's just a teaser for the rest of the photos: sunrise view of Pedernal (Georgia O'Keeffe's favorite mountain) from bed at Abiquiu Dam:

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