View / Navion Rally: Laguna Seca, Monterey

Full moon over the campground:

So, we really aren't "on the road" since we're camping 15 minutes from home, but I just have to post a few iPhone photos of the festivities here.

Total # of rigs: 27
Total # of participants: 50

Lisa and I are the "wagonmasters" (we took registrations, made nametags, collect $, etc.). I had no idea we'd get this cool title:


Welcome party

Winery tour (Chalone and Hahn)

Spaghetti feed (we did the cooking--for days!--and it turned out great!)

Caravan around the Monterey Peninsula (past Fisherman's Wharf, harbor, Cannery Row, Ocean View Blvd/Sunset Blvd in PG, and through Carmel onto Scenic, then past Carmel Mission). I need to score some copies of others' photos; the line up of 6 Skinnie Winnie's on Scenic Road in Carmel, with Pebble Beach in the background is priceless.... Here we are in P.G. Lisa and I led the tour and, as the only full-body paint unit, looked a little out of place with the classic white ones. One fellow said that we were the mother duck and they were the babies who hadn't had their plumage come in yet ;-)

Looking forward to the "mod tour" this afternoon, the grilling and awards dinner tonight, but then Wed. is a mad dash to pack up, clean up, and get re-packed for a 6AM flight the following morning. Yikes. So, I'm posting what I've got now, thinking that there won't be time for more later!

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