There's a Hole in the Tire, Dear Liza, Dear Liza....

Sing it with us!

We thought our rear duallies were looking flat, and the Cat's Eyes were open a bit, but when Lisa went to refill them, the pressure read OK.

Given the inclement weather today, we decided to go to a shopping mall for a change of scenery. Lisa insisted (thank goodness) on stopping at a nearby truck tire place to have the fellows look at our tire. They were crazy busy and asked us to come back in two hours. So, we did a little shopping and headed back. Turned out we had a two-inch diameter hole in the sidewall of one of the rear left duallies. Ouch! We have no idea when or how this happened. Neither of us recall catching a curb (plus, who scrapes the LEFT side tires?). A mystery. Any theories?

We had to buy a tire of lesser quality (BF Goodrich) than we'd like, but at least it's not flat and we can make it home and let our real tire guys look at it.

Just as soon as we got that handled, the front headlight went out. A new project for tomorrow, provided it doesn't snow....

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