Off the Grid and Out of Words?

We have been off the wi-fi/Internet grid for several days now. I almost think it's made me speechless, which is a very odd thing. So, here's a brief recap of Sat-Sun-Mon, given my sparse words. (Maybe the few words matches the whole sparse desert vibe. Perhaps.)

Saturday: Bakersfield to a re-visit of Tecopa Hot Springs. Stayed at a new place, walking distance to our most favorite restaurant and with its own labyrinth. Awesome. Decided against the hot springs baths this time, though, since we both got nasty folliculitis the last time. Can't start off a trip with cooties. But we had the most wonderful dinner at Pastel's Bistro (the one I reviewed for last March)--five stars AGAIN. Spinach-stuffed, juicy pork chop with roasted vegetables. Simple but perfect. And the Sunday morning labyrinth walk: perfect, too.

Sunday: Tecopa Hot Springs to, we initially intended, Utah. But at noon-ish, we decided to stop by Valley of Fire State Park, about 50 miles north of Las Vegas. Thought we'd have a picnic lunch and keep going. To heck with that: an amazing place, rated 9s and 10s on rvparkreviews and for good reason. Just a spectacularly interesting place, full of red rocks, desert varnish and petroglyphs. And very easy to get sunset and sunrise shots!

Monday: Valley of Fire to St. George, UT area for some re-stocking of salad fixins and bottled water. Ended up driving the historic district walking tour because the winds are just FIERCE today (30 mph steady) and blowing around the prodigious amounts of sand that all these rocks turn into eventually. Plus it's hot. Staying at Sand Hollow State Park in Utah tonight, next to the folks we camped near LAST night. Too funny. We've seen them at the petroglyphs, on a hiking trail this morning ("Mouse's Tank"), and now three states over. Funny. We may now amend our plans for tomorrow to follow THEM. They're venturing down to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and back (all the campgrounds down there are closed for the season). Maybe we'll try that, too. Who knows? We just keep making up this trip as we go along, which--so far--has been AWESOME.

Expect the weather to turn cool tomorrow, which will be great. Have had quite the hot weather the last 3 days. It cooled down in Tecopa, but never did in Valley of Fire. (Aptly named, apparently.) Still in high 80s in evening here in Utah, but there's a "wind chill" ;-)

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