Hanging out in ABQ

We finally figured out what to do about our tire troubles, thanks to the wise ones on the View/Navion Yahoo group. Ordered 2 new Continental Vanco 4 Season tires (that match our other ones) for our left rear duallies via a recommended tire web site (Tire Rack, for those of you who may need that info). Turns out that one's dual tires should be a matched set: same brand, same size, same age. I guess that makes sense, but we did not know that yesterday when we bought the one replacement tire. Still can't figure out how we got such a large hole on the INSIDE sidewall of the tire.

The new tires will be delivered to a 5-star tire shop (highly rated by 96 folks plus the highly rated tire seller) via FedEx 2-day (surprisingly not expensive; barely $10 more for 2-day than ground!). Hope to get these installed Monday.

Very nice Freightliner fella installed a new headlamp for us for free, showed us how to do it on our own, and sold us an extra replacement, all for under $18. Needed that after the tire oops. Still can't figure out why some folks said it was a 2-hour job that required removing the grill. News flash: those folks are just making work for themselves!

Did some errands along Route 66

and headed to Petroglyph National Monument Visitor Center to get hiking trail maps. Got nervous about some dark clouds coming, so we headed back to the campground for lunch. Good thing. Here's what it looked like just as we got there.

(It's all melted now, but it's fixin' to be really cold tonight. But this is why we stuck close to "home" today.)

Decided to get our oil changed at Freightliner tomorrow morning, given our positive experience with them. It'll be 1500 miles early, but given that we're 1000 miles from home at the moment, we won't have to worry about going over our recommended change time. Takin' care of things while we wait for the tires.

Think we'll see some cultural sites around town, ride the world's longest tram up the mountain once the weather has cleared out, and do some hiking till we are road-worthy again.

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