The Dark of Night

So, after being awake from 1:30 to 4:30 this morning worrying about the tire (I should NEVER read email late at night! Someone from the View/Navion list who we respect suggested that we should get the other dually tire inspected for damage, since it had to bear all the weight when the other tire went flat. Worry, worry, worry....)

Today is shaping up to be quite pretty, though. No sign of the predicted snow storm--gorgeous (but really cold!) sunrise. The German shepherd LOVES this weather.

Perhaps we can get the tire inspected somewhere else and find new headlights today, so that we're free to resume fun tomorrow, when precipitation threat is gone and temps start to go back toward normal. (It's something like 30 degrees below normal, just so you don't think that our planning was totally wonky.)

OK, enough worrying, time for action as soon as the coffee kicks in.

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