All Hallow's Eve Eve

Friday morning was pretty exciting (not). Freightliner told us to arrive at 9:30AM for our oil change. When we arrived, they said it'd be 2 more hours. So, we tooled around Old Town for a while, and then cooled our heels at the oh-so-scenic industrial park while they serviced Rocksie. Finally got out of there at 12:30, but all is well with the engine.

Needing some tourist fun, we decided to ride the tram (also since it was on our way to our new campground).

Sandia Tram
World's longest. Many amazing statistics: 4,000 foot vertical gain in less than 2 miles. Tower 1 sits at an 18% lean (creepy looking!), Tower 2 and base at summit were built with 5,000 helicopter loads. One of the canyons near the top is called "TWA Canyon" for the plane wreck years ago. Very rugged terrain, and very cool tram ride.


You can actually see our Navion in the parking lot waayy down there. See the largish dot by the left side of the tower, in the middle. That's Rocksie ;-)

-17 degree windchill up at the 10,000 foot summit

Then we checked into a KOA campground in Bernalillo. Very nice place with free pancakes in the morning. (Very tasty. But the breakfast burrito smothered in green chile was even better. We split that and even have lunch leftovers.)

Friday night dinner was a real treat. Not only did an old Landmark friend come pick us up at the campground, she took us to her favorite spot, which is also a Roadfood recommendation. And the icing on the proverbial cake was that a very fun bluegrass/jug band was playing.

So the day that didn't start out well ended up as a great day. You never know. Off we go on sunny Saturday to do a few errands, watch some Indian dancing at the Indian Cultural Center, and go for a hike. And maybe carve a pumpkin....

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