The Trip Home

We spent a few hours yesterday morning planning our return trip. It's very different than what we had originally intended, which had been through southern Colorado, Utah, and North Rim of Grand Canyon. Instead, we have opted to take the northern route home because we're going to visit our Winnebago dealer for some minor warranty repairs--why not? We won't be in the Iowa neighborhood again for the rest of year 1, plus we've been getting our fill of heat down here in the Southeast, so back home via I-90 and I-80, instead of I-40. No backtracking this way, too. Oh, and I just was forced to remember that the Winnie warranty is 1 year OR 15K miles. Yikes. We're over 12K and have to go 1.5K to Iowa. Right under the wire....

We'll visit Civil Rights and Civil War sites, Alton Brown River Road stops, and revisit some of our favorite places from last summer's trip: Custer, SD, our friends in Colorado, and Elko, Nevada for those pocket pies.

Check out the crazy map. Estimated trip total from the spreadsheet: 8500 miles.

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