TGFF: Thank goodness for friends. (Who cares if it's Friday or not?)

We just completed a most wonderful weekend with our Colorado friends. Yummy suppers, preceded by fabulous apps (smoked salmon and all manner of imported cheeses), lively conversation lubricated by lovely wines, art (in the form of an open studio weekend in the mountains) + nature, and eye-opening education, courtesy of Gaela's friend doing a talk and book-signing at the Boulder Borders on face reading (truly fascinating), and finally--open space and a grassy backyard for the dog. Heaven. Truly heaven.

I forgot to get out the "good" camera, so here are photos from the NEW iPhone (aka "My Precious"):

Jim with one of the many wine bottles we killed:

Lyons Art Studio Open House Weekend

Such a setting for open studios:

Lisa, enjoying a swing over the VERY high river at one of the open studios:

A piece of outdoor art that our long-lost friend Soooosan Jackson would love:

Tonight we're within 1000 miles of home and are starting to hanker for it. We're in Green River, Utah, temp 103, humidity 9%. I'll take it. Especially since we bailed on the state park (which is actually withIN the golf course) that had no electric hookups in favor of an overpriced but much-needed private campground where we could have AC. Whew. Supposed to cool down to 62 tonight (after midnight). Maybe we'll enjoy the breezes then, as we did the last few nights.

The Navion was quite the champ over the 11,000-foot summits today. We are very pleased with our Rocksie Candu, her official name.

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