We're in Kansas, Toto

(posting a day-old post, due to poor internet connectivity in the heartland. From Tuesday:)

Tuesday was "just" a travel day. Even on a foggy, gray, windy driving day, it still beats the alternative, even with NO tourist activities today.

We stopped in OKC Tuesday to see if the Winnebago dealer could take a look at our water leak (which has subsided quite a bit, but is still there). After having my web-based query (from their own web site) ignored, my phone call sent to voice mail and not returned, and standing in the service office for 15 minutes and being ignored by 3, count 'em 3, people, we left. We'll figure this sucker out. Our Iowa dealer got wind of the problem and we'll work it out over the phone. So there.

Off to KC today--60% chance of thunderstorms with hail. Yee haw. Glad that our solar panels withstood baseball-size hail tests conducted by the Jet Propulsion Lab. Serious panels, those.

Our agenda today is shopping--stocking up on food to share at potlucks at our van-in/rally that starts Thursday--and cleaning our coach, hoping the rain is strong enough to wash the prodigious quantity of bugs off the front of the coach. Ick. I think the Midwesterners would look askance at us for washing the RV at a car wash on a stormy day. I know so, actually, since I was raised in Illinois.... I'd be shaking my head and saying, "Those crazy Californians...." But there are PRIZES at the van in for shiny nice vans--we don't want to be bug coated! But, I bet we win the long distance prize: 2500 miles.

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