Wednesday: Relearning Lessons in KC Area

Lesson #1: State parks rock.
We thought we would spend the night in a private campground, near the historic square in Independence, MO--good reviews, nice walk, only 1 hour to where we need to be on Thursday morning. ICK. Carried on to a LOVELY state park only 2 miles from where we need to be Thursday morning (Wallace State Park)--thunder is booming overhead, but there's a new cool breeze (it had been almost 90 degrees and 90 percent humidity today), electric hookups for A/C (so we can keep our Costco-purchased pie cool for the upcoming potluck), a new bathhouse, and a freakin' laundry room. At a state park.

Now, we did do laundry in Wichita last night, but we forgot to do sheets and jammies. And we have a bunch of dog towels that are clean, but damp, from mopping up our mysterious leak. So, all went into the machine for the princely sum of 50 cents. Which leads to lesson #2....

Lesson #2: Do not overlook the obvious. The K.I.S.S. principle rocks.

So, we stopped at the OKC dealer to see if they could help poor little us with our water problem. No dice. We spent some time on the phone with our Iowa service guy trying to diagnose the problem. Julie spent quite some time on the View/Navion Yahoo group list soliciting advice. And then the problem solved itself. We were setting up camp tonight, when Julie said, after finding an empty gallon water jug, "Honey? Since when do we keep recycling in our storage compartment?" Before Lisa could answer, Julie realized that the lid was still sealed and that there was a little water in the bottom. So, she filled the jug and found the 1-gallon leak that flooded the adjacent compartment--the compartment with the new, expensive SOLAR cables. (But all is well.) But just a big DOH! for overlooking the adjacent compartment in all of our fancy diagnostics.

So, that's all for today. Must enjoy the beautiful, leafy state park and post my mea culpa to the V/N Yahoo Group.


  1. We stayed in several MO state parks on our trip down Route 66. I think they are all that good! Well, they don't all have laundries but they all seem to have electricity and beautiful locations.

    Linda Sand

  2. Glad you didn't take the leak to some unscrupulous rv tech who spotted it and "fixed" it and charged you for it ;)