Standin' on a Corner in Winslow, Arizona...

Actually, we bypassed Winslow today, but we have been to "Standin' on a Corner" park. But that darn Eagles song was in our heads ALL DAY just from seeing Winslow on the map ;-)

Our day started off challenging. We knew our tires were low but the truck stop in Salinas was sooo busy the day we left (produce season is in high gear) that we decided to just keep going till we found a good place to stay for a while so the tires could cool off and then fill.

That opportunity came this morning at our favorite RV park in Kingman, which is right next to a truck stop, so the tires could cool all night and we could refill in the morning. Well, darned if that air nozzle was really hard to get to work on our dual rear tires. We got 5 out of 6 tires filled (all were really low--yikes. No wonder we'd had such a mushy ride) but Julie just couldn't get the 6th tire filled. As a matter of fact, I drained it to below 20 pounds (!) trying to fill it. Lisa attempted to work her once-fool-proof flirting charm to get the tire guys to help us; didn't work. They said they only worked on big rigs. So, Julie redoubled her efforts (draining that #*$& tire down to 10 pounds) and finally succeeded in getting all tires to the desired 61 pounds. We have GOT to find a better way of doing this. I even blew apart our tire gauge! We plan to ask for many opinions at the national Skinnie Winnie rally we're attending at the end of this month and figure something out.

Drove most of today on familiar terrain, even having lunch in Holbrook at Joe and Aggie's Cafe (they remembered us!), where we had another divine Navajo meal (see January). But then the adventure began when we turned off 40 and headed down 77 into what seemed like nowhere, on a 1/4 tank of fuel. Very exciting.

Spending tonight at a wonderful state park in Show Low, AZ, with very limited connectivity, so can't post photos. Suffice to say: 80s when sun is out (but cool breeze at 6000+ feet) and 50s at night. Perfection!

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  1. Any chance you guys might make San Antonio, NM (and the glorious Bosque del Aapche) within the next week or so? Love to meet up with you two.