The solar panels work!

Quick post from iPhone--
Had a lovely drive from Carthage to Hot Springs National Park thru Ozark hills and hollers. Favorite billboard from an auto dealer: We will match any advertised price or give you the car free. Huh. Real marketing whiz there. We laughed till we cried imagining how this negotiation would go. "Dang, Vern. I jes cain't match that there price. Guess you got me. Here's the keys to yer free car."

We snagged one of 9 $10 sites at the NP. Rest of sites are closed for renovation. Such good fortune we paid for 3 nights and may extend a 4th. Tons of hiking trails and one 1.6 miler goes right to Bathhouse Row. We plan to walk it today and drive back tomorrow (if it storms) to take turns getting "the treatment." Then on Sat we think we'll pop over to Little Rock to continue our presidential library tour. Then on Sunday head to TX, to be at rally on Tues.

Sure is great to feel free to stay multiple nights without hookups. We will have to add water at some point but that's available here. Cool!

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