Here a Skinnie, There a Winnie, Everywhere a Skinnie-Winnie

***Addendum: Lovely photos of the rally and the environs here. ****

A bit cooler today (only 90-91!) and much more pleasant. We spent the morning doing some trip planning and taking a hike, doing some yoga along the lakeside and taking some photographs of the prolific wildflowers. Some highlights include:

Our site:

And nearby, a small fraction of the flowers:

And the boats, trying to be flowers:

Then we joined 12 other Skinnie-Winnies at Coopers BBQ in Llano, TX for lunch. What a hoot! This place is like no other. You approach via the outdoor smokers. Then you pick your meat(s), say whether you want it dunked in the very thin but extremely tasty sauce, and take your plate inside, where you give it to a young man who weighs each type of meat and figures out the price. You add optional sides (corn on the cob, slaw, cobbler) or you just go for the included ones (Wonder bread, jalapeno-spiced beans, and pickled peppers/veg) and get your beverage (Shiner Bock, of course). Wowee. Best BBQ of this trip: vinegary sauce on top of a salty-peppery spice rub on top of very nice smoke. Nothing sugary sweet or tomatoey saucy about this meat. I had chicken and 2 pork ribs (lunch and dinner!) and Lisa had sausage, brisket and beef ribs. For my money, the chicken and pork ribs rocked. The place is also famous for its ENORMOUS pork chops, which we saw people attempting to eat.

Here's one photo of us lined up outside (and yes, we had to leave in this order--we are 4th in line).

Here's an unintentionally surreal iPhone photo of us at Coopers:

And the exterior:

And some photos of this evening:

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  1. You got a map! Way to go!

    Looks like you are all having fun at Inks Lake. I wish that rally had taken place when we were in that area. Someday maybe we'll manage to be in the same place at the same time.

    Linda Sand
    in the Sandcastle--a Skinny Winnie