Boy, Howdy, It's Hot

Reached the rally Tuesday afternoon. Beautiful park full of Skinnie Winnies (pics to come). Sitting here at 7AM, after having walked the dog in the nick of time, watching a thunderstorm roll past. I had hoped that rain would make a dent in the temps, but no dice. Hot and heavy out there already. Today's events: 6:30-8 breakfast (I believe "road kill omelets" were on the menu), 9-2 Vanishing Texas River Cruise, then 2:30 Llano, TX for some apparently killer BBQ. Think we'll join the group for BBQ in the heat of the afternoon (in the mid 90s yesterday). Nick is starting to get used to the heat (and the accompanying LOUD A/C), we hope. He was a very good boy last night. At sunset, we took him over to the main gathering grounds and sat at a picnic table talking with folks who had dogs, too, and Nick was fine. Yay!

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