1,000 Points of Light and a Kolache

We enjoyed one last breakfast with the group today (Texas breakfast burritos) and hit the road. Tooled south and east to La Grange, TX, home of the so-far best kolaches (and quite tasty pigs in a blanket). Read the review that had us go out of our way to this place: Gourmet Magazine 3/09

(and if you can't read the sign, it says: We Gotcha Kolache. One day, I'll learn how to make the photos enlargeable....)

Then it was north and east to College Station and the George H.W. Bush (41) Library. The most amusing thing was this skydiver, greeting visitors as they entered.

Otherwise, it was a bit of a disappointment. The Gulf War and WWII exhibits were very interesting (I knew he was a war hero, but didn't realize he was only 18 when inducted into the Navy as a pilot). The one thing we really wanted to see-- the Oval Office replica--was a big bust. It was a pretty cheesy partial display that had been turned into a revenue opportunity--get your picture taken at the desk for $9. The exhibits were not laid out well. It was easy to lose the chronology, and the narrative was so very personal--there wasn't a lot of current event context, as there was in the other ones we've seen. There were also so many bells and whistles that the content got lost--in the same way that K-12 textbooks work these days. All logos and special features and not much meat.

And Poppy had his share of "spin" like ole Bill did, but Poppy's was especially thick in the part about the 1992 election.

We're now in Madisonville, TX at a commercial campground, chosen because it had its very own seafood restaurant: "We'll even deliver to your RV door!" That would've been another first, but unfortunately, we forgot that we're in the South on Sunday and it's closed tonight. The owner/chef did offer to go get us some etouffee, but we wanted him to have his night off.

I just scored a really good wifi connection, so we've plotted the rest of our route on the current trip map for the next 2 weeks (that map takes forever to work with on a slow connection). Just an FYI for any eagle-eyed editors out there.

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