Trinity Alps and Southern Oregon: Hot!

Who would've thunk that it'd be over 90 degrees in the mountains of southern Oregon in April? But...we have ammo this time. No crappy 10-year-old Rialta in THIS heat wave. We are sitting in air-conditioned comfort having grilled steak and salad north of Grants Pass, OR (yes, there's no apostrophe, even though there SHOULD be) with 90+ degree temps outside. Gotta love it.

Beautiful day today. From Redding to Yreka (great palindrome: Yreka Bakery) off of I-5 to Jacksonville, OR (the entire town was designated a National Historic Place) and on up through Grants Pass to a lovely campground next to Jump Off Joe! Creek. (Poor Joe. He was supposed to hunt the group's dinner back in the mid 1800s. He got surprised by Indians, attacked, and decided to jump off the cliff over the falls--after his buddies called, "Jump off, Joe!"-- to escape the Indians. Well, Joe died of his injuries in the fall. Another lesson: beware of peer pressure.)

Because this spot is so pretty--and because we have a conference call at 10AM AND there's a great dog run--we're going to hang out till check out time at noon. We only have a little over 100 miles to go tomorrow, so we can meander.

Oh, and for those who are curious, we had a mechanical miracle today. Stopped at the Redding Dodge dealer (who was not certified to work on our chassis). They sent us to a Medford, OR place, but the darn HI OIL light never went on today. Dipstick measurement verified--no high oil. We think it was a bum sensor that has somehow, miraculously, reset itself. We have had nothing but stellar engine performance over some big climbs today. Very smooth after the early oil change.

Forgot to take photos in Jacksonville, but we will come back through here in the fall when we head up to Seattle for Julie's 10th year MBA reunion at Udub.

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