Sally Sells Salmon by the Seashore

We reached the OR coast today after a gorgeous drive west through orchards and farms. Easily found a recommended lunch spot in Cannon Beach. This was our first restaurant meal out of the last 15 meals on this trip, so we really enjoyed it.

The freshest of fresh fish, in a setting adorned with enormous photos of the restaurant-owned boat and its fishermen catching the very food they serve. It's that kind of place.

The term "fish and chips" does not describe this delicacy well: included were halibut, razorneck clams, Willapa Bay oysters, a succulent scallop, and Chinook salmon. Out of this world. Fresh, clean taste of the sea, with a lovely, light crunch on the outside. No sauces needed. Well, maybe a bit of malt vinegar on the occasional bite....

Got to our state park campsite early today--yay!--and able to enjoy an hour walk on the chilly/windy but gorgeous beach at low tide. Nick reverted to puppyhood, bucking and running and jumping up and down with joy. Still haven't worn him out yet!

View from 101

The beach that our state park is right up next to:

And now we look forward to dinner: local Oregon Pinot Gris, clam chowder, sourdough bread, and smoked salmon we bought as takeout from the lunch place.

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