OTRA: Life Is Good. Again. And Always.

OTRA: On the road again.

A few wrinkles today. Got up late (each of us spent almost 3 hours awake last night listening to either BBC or podcasts), got a late start, had the oil warning light go off a million times today (too high! And we'd had the oil changed by a Dodge 5-star dealer on Wednesday AND gone back to them same day to fix the OIL TOO HIGH light!).

But, all is well. Life is good. Made it to Redding in 90+ degree heat. We called the campground we wanted at 3PM; they said to call closer to 5PM if we'd be late. We called at 5PM and they said they were sold out. I pulled out all the tricks I knew and we ended up with the best spot in the park--right on the river, facing the sunset, in a small spot completely secluded from the others. Perfection! Had our first meal outside at the picnic table in many months/trips. A lovely vegetarian Indian meal (believe it or not).

Our spot at sunset:

Nick in an almost heavenly pose with his favorite (and verboten) tennis balls in the cool grass (unlike Death Valley):

So, tomorrow will be finding a Dodge dealer to check out our engine and turn off the diagnostic code so that we can continue on our way north.

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